Performer registration form 2020
This year we are particularly looking for acts and performers that represent all the different people that make up our carnival communities. We have a new stage called 'The People's Playground' a stage that aims to show case the best that Oxford can offer and all its diverse communities. This stage will NOT be supported by lots of tech and so is not suitable for musicians or bands that need amplification. We can supply power and a large open stage for large performance groups who are self sufficient in their technical requirements, or smaller performance groups that simply require a great space to show their work. Bands and musicians should apply via the Band and musician registration form. Found at
Traditional dance groups may be offered a space to perform here and may also be offered a space on the Global dance stage programmed by Dancin' Oxford.
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We have other areas along the road that are suitable for street performances, would you be interested in performing in these spaces? We may be able to supply a basic busking amp for music playback i these locations. *
Please send us any links to social media, websites or photographs of what your performance, art installation or interactive activity is like. If you don't have links then please send photos etc to and make sure that you CLEARLY state which group you are with.
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