Harrison Avenue Marketplace Spring 2019 Vendor Application
Thank you for your interest in the Harrison Avenue Marketplace. Please submit the following vendor application and then complete the application process listed on the website.

If a *required field does not apply, enter N/A.

Contact the market manager, Allison Signorelli, if you have questions regarding this application.
e-mail: info@harrisonavenuemarketplace.org
phone: 504-535-4486

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Electricity is included for all vendors. You must supply your own long extension cord(s).
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Arts/Craft Vendors:
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Food Vendor Description *
Please describe the food items you plan to sell at the market. List item name, portion size, ingredients, preparation. *Note: Food vendors are NOT allowed to sell drinks at the market. Non-food vendors type N/A.
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Market Dates
Please select the markets you would like to participate in.

*Note: Priority will be given to vendors who commit to the season (all 4 markets).

Cancellation Policy:
If selected as a vendor, cancellations will be accepted no later than 5:00 PM on the WEDNESDAY prior to the market date. Any no shows or cancellations after this time will result in vendor fee forfeiture and could affect future participation in the market. Two or more timely cancellations could also affect future market participation.

March 13th *
April 10th *
May 8th *
Method of Payment | Payable to Harrison Avenue Marketplace *
Please send payment(s) to Harrison Avenue Marketplace at: P.O. Box 24378, New Orleans, LA 70184. Your application will NOT be processed until payment is received for EACH market applied for. You can send one check for the total amount of the markets applied for or individual checks postdated for the 1st of each market month applied for.
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