Object Karaoke (2019) - Object Nomination
In Winter 2019 Hand2Mouth, and guest performers, will create a performance for the Alder Stage using objects from Artists Rep's 2018-19 season. These objects will be selected with your help! Please take a moment to reflect on the things--props, scenery, costumes--featured in the show you just saw. Was there something that stood out and that you would like to see onstage again? Perhaps an object that you would like to know more about? Was there any thing that you think deserves the spotlight? Or the mic?
Which Artists Rep show did you just see? *
What objects (prop, costume, scenery) most stood out to you? *
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Why? In what way does the object you chose epitomize the show you just saw?
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Before the Alder Stage takes its last bow, are there any final words you would like to share with the space? We are collecting parting memories, farewells, songs, revelations, or ideas for yet-to-be seen events.
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