ALAO Mentor Volunteer Form 2020-21
The Professional Development Committee of ALAO invites your participation in the 2020-21 Mentoring Program. This year, the PDC is asking for information that will be posted online to provide mentees with a brief professional bio of prospective mentees. Mentees will select three individuals they would like to work with when they submit their participation form. The committee will match mentors and mentees and will follow up with participants around Sept 1, 2020. Responses in the top section of the form marked BIO will appear on the ALAO Mentoring Program webpage.
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With covid-19 precautions in place the 2020-21 Mentoring Program will be planned for online-only communications. Mentoring pairs may consider face-to-face meetings at their own discretion. Please indicate your communication preferences: *
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The Professional Development Committee, recommends meeting with your mentee by video or voice conference at least 4 times over the course of the program. Are you able to do this? *
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Please describe any special interest that may be helpful in matching you and your mentee ( i.e. hobbies, special skills, service, or volunteer organizations).
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