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Registration for the Course: Discovering Jesus in His Jewish Context
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Would you like a single room or share a double room with another participant during the stay in Jerusalem? (Prices are subject to change, but will be similar to the following: fee for single occupancy: 8.800 NIS; Course fee for double occupancy: 7.250 NIS)
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If you are attending the course together with another person and want to share a room with him/her you can inform us of this here
The Registration is only complete with payment of the full amount to the Caspari Center. Upon registration we will contact you with details on how to pay the course fee.

The cost of the course (including accommodation, teaching, transportation, entry to the sites,dinner at the introduction, dinner the last night as well as all meals in the Galilee) is subject to slight changes but is around NIS 8,800 for single occupancy and NIS 7,250 for double occupancy (Remember in addition to pay for the bank fees at your end) - contact for detailed information of payment.

The cost of the course does not include:
- airfare (participants are responsible for booking flights and arriving in Jerusalem before the course begins),
- insurance,
- meals (except light breakfast and the dinners included in the program).

We are looking forward to hosting you
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