Neonpossum's Patron Reference Sheet Commission Form
NOTE: Current waiting period is 4-6 weeks

Before commissioning me, please read my Terms of Service:

You must be over 18 to commission me (SFW included)!

Please ONLY fill out this form if you are an active patron of mine! If not, you can gain access to always-open commissions by pledging as low as $1 a month!:
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If you do not have any visual references, there is a £20 charge due to the extra work of character design.
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Description of character
Let me know about your character, their personality, if they have any accessories etc
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Important features or details of the character
Please let me know if there is anything important that you would like to draw attention to.
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Text details
Please let me know what text you would like! This can be details such as gender, orientation, species, height, weight etc Please look at my previous reference sheets for examples. If you do not want text, you can add it yourself, or I can add only the name and species of the character.
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This is £80 paid up front and the rest after the reference is complete.
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