MiTrade Warrior Application Form
Mitrade Warriors are passionate users from within our community that support our platform in various ways, primarily promoting the Mitrade ecosystem. Warriors will use their daily lives as a platform to share high-quality content and an open-access community to inspire others.
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What are the benefits of becoming a Warrior?
For all Mitrade Warriors:
• US$600 every month*
• Get invited to all of our events as a privileged guest or organizer
• Get access to our exclusive customer support channel
• Your feedback and suggestions about Mitrade will be considered at high priority
• You will receive limited edition gifts, made only for Mitrade Warriors

For Top Mitrade Warriors:
• Lower trading fees and higher referral rate
• Sponsored bonus for your fans and community
• Get invited to Mitrade office to work with Mitrade members (expenses covered)

*T&Cs apply.
What do you need to do as a Mitrade Warrior?
1) Invite 88 qualified users to register for a Mitrade account every month
(Users need to complete a verification process)
2) Make a video for Mitrade on YouTube
3) Help Mitrade maintain and moderate online communities
4) Daily Facebook posts
5) Help Mitrade translate and proofread content
6) Provide Mitrade with market feedback and suggestions
7) Comply with our Marketing Rules
8) Any other suggestions that you think will help Mitrade grow
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What are your strengths and how will you be able to bring these to Mitrade? *
How much free time can you commit per week?
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