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Currently, the Lone Prairie Magazine does not pay for submitted content. This may change in the future as the magazine grows. If your content is used in a print edition, you may receive a printed copy if you'd like. Find out more about submitting content to the Lone Prairie Magazine here:
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Write a two- or three-sentence biography about yourself. Include links to any social profile or website you want noted. Be sure to mention your prairie connection.
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Summarize your proposed content submission. Talk about why you think your idea is a good fit for the magazine, what you hope the reader takes from it, etc.
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Will you be submitting your content via the cloud (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, etc), or through email?
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This list is the currently preferred file formats. JPEGs are for image files.
Legal Permissions For Content Creators
Please carefully read and acknowledge the following information. By using this form, you acknowledge that you've read the submission guidelines found here:
"I verify that the idea, imagery, or copy that I am submitting to the Lone Prairie Magazine is completely mine. I am the sole owner."
You acknowledge that the content is yours to submit, and that you are not infringing on the copyright or ownership of another person, nor are you plagiarizing anyone else's content or idea. The content you are submitting is wholly your creation.
"I give the Lone Prairie Magazine permission to use my content in print, digital versions, online, and in future promotions without exacting a fee for such uses."
You understand that you are giving permission to the Lone Prairie Magazine to use your content in the print magazine, any online versions of the magazine, any digital versions of the magazine, and possible future promotional purposes. You understand that you will not be paid licensing fees for these uses. While you retain ownership of the content and can use it elsewhere as you see fit, you give the Lone Prairie Magazine free use of it in this manner. You will always be acknowledged as the content creator, no matter how it is used.
"I have reviewed this form and have filled it out, agreeing to its terms."
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When Submitting Your Content:
Please include a professional or modest headshot of yourself (no duckface selfies) so we have a photo to go with the author bio. If you are submitting images, be sure they are high-resolution in JPEG format.

Not all submissions will be accepted. Not all accepted submissions will be used immediately. Some may be heavily edited to fit the space and content specifications of the magazine.

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