Breast Cancer and Breast Self Examination Awareness
This is a survey form to collect information about Breast Cancer and Breast Self Examination among Indian women. Breast Cancer is increasing in India to almost epidemic proportions and being informed is empowering. Please respond to all questions spontaneously and honestly. Thank you very much for participating in this survey. This is purely an academic exercise undertaken by a purely voluntary group comprising Cancer Survivors who have formed the CARE Cancer Peer Support Group operating from Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune. We undertake Breast Cancer Awareness Programmes without any charge. To invite us to address any group, big or small and for more information call Dr. Kalpana Gupte, 8698004489.
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तुमचं वय / Your age *
तुमच्या कामाचं स्वरूप / Nature of your work *
तुमच्या राहण्याची जागा /Place of residence *
स्तन कर्करोग कोणत्या वयात होण्याची शक्यता जास्त आहे? / At what age is a woman most likely to get Breast Cancer? *
स्तन कर्करोग अनुवांशिक असतो का? / Is Breast Cancer hereditary? *
स्तन कर्क रोग पुरुषांना पण होऊ शकतो का? / Can men get Breast Cancer too? *
स्तन कर्क रोगासाठी प्रतिबंधक औषध/लस आहे का?/ Is there any preventive medicine/vaccine for Breast Cancer? *
स्तन कर्करोगामुळे मृत्यू होऊ शकेल / Can a person die of Breast Cancer? *
मामोग्राम म्हणजे काय ठाऊक आहे का? / Do you know what is a Mammogram? *
कोणत्या वयानंतर मामोग्राम करणे श्रेयस्कर आहे? / At what age is it best to get a Mammogram done? *
स्व-स्तन तपासणी बद्दल ऐकले आहे का? / Have you heard about Breast Self Examination? *
तुम्ही स्व-स्तन तपासणी करता का? / Do you perform a Breast Self Examination? *
स्व-स्तन तपासणी करत असल्यास किती वेळा करता? / If you perform Breast Self Examination, how often do you do it? *
स्तन कर्करोगाचे निदान लवकर झाले तर जीव वाचण्याची शक्यता आहे का? / Can a life be saved in case of early detection of Breast Cancer? *
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