First Tee at Home - Weekly Challenge (Week of April 20)
Test your knowledge of golf and the First Tee with this weekly challenge. Submitted answers will be individually graded by the First Tee of Southeast Wisconsin.
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What Core Value is defined as, "To be nice and kind in one's actions, to show ___________ for oneself, playing partners, the golf course, and our surroundings
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The part of the golf club that makes contact with the ball is the:
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Showing Respect means I will keep the golf course and practice areas in as good or better shape than I found them.
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The areas where there is sand on the golf course are called: *
Showing respect at home is shown by: *
The shorter grass area from the Tee to the Green is called the:
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On the course, examples of showing respect are which of the following ?
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I can talk to my friends during the class while my coach is talking
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The club with the most loft is the:
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If I see a ball mark on the green, even if it's not mine, I should do what, showing respect for the course:
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