Application to participate in the Data Enrichment Hackathon

Please tell us about your interest and availability to participate in the hackathon, an event organised by Naturalis in the framework of the pro-iBiosphere project, and held March 17th-21th, 2014 at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, in Leiden, the Netherlands. Please give particular thought to the questions about your expertise and goals. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the organisers:,

We would appreciate very much if you can fill out the questionnaire by the 3rd of February at the latest. This will allow us to finalise the logistic and funding arrangements.

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Availability *
Can you attend all of the hackathon, or only part of if? If only part, what dates?
Open Source Licensing *
* All code and documentation produced at the hackathon is to be made immediately available under an OSI-approved open source license or a Creative Commons license. Would this pose any difficulty for your participation?
Use-case expert
If you know a real problem that can be addressed during the hackathon, please specify it below.
Do you have expertise in any of the following areas? *
For some of the main skills you checked in the above question, please elaborate on your expertise. *
If possible, cite tangible accomplishments to provide evidence of your skills.
If you checked "something else", what expertise can you bring and how do you see yourself contributing to the project? *
If possible, cite tangible accomplishments to provide evidence of your skills.
Goals *
Please state what you would most like to accomplish at this hackathon, given your current understanding.
Is funding required? *
Naturalis has limited funds to pay some expenses for qualified participants. Please let us know whether your participation is dependent on receiving financial support. This could include transportation, lodging, and meals.
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Traveling from?
Where will you likely be traveling from? This information will be used with sponsored participants for budgeting purposes.
Description of the funding required
In case you need total or partial support to participate, please specify what kind of support you will need (e.g. trein/plane tickets, hotel room for x number of nights).
Other Comments
Please provide any other comments, suggestions, or feedback that are not covered by the questions above.
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