The Pincurl Girls want to text you encouragement this week!
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The Pincurl Girls have set a goal to encourage 100 people this week. We think the best way to do that is through personalized texts. If you would like an encouraging text from one of the Pincurl Girls, please fill out this form. Let's see what happens!!
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The Pincurl Girls will do all they can to get your text messages to you in time, please don't get mad at them if they are late or they miss a text, they are young and still learning. The Pincurl Girls don't have phones yet, so they will be borrowing mine, your text will come from 1-386-219-2536. For a better experience, add Pincurl Girls as the contact name. Please note that your cell phone data charges will apply. Your number or personal data is private and won't be shared. Thanks, this should be fun. Love, Jen Landis
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