Like you, my life is busy, but I want to use my time to share with my sisters in the Body of Christ in a way that is maximally beneficial. Doug and I are using the next few months to contemplate how I should use my time in this next year/season of life. Please answer these questions & share your honest thoughts about what is most beneficial/helpful for you, so I can use my limited time in a more focused & purposeful way.
Which of these do you regularly access? (select all that apply)
Which of these do you like BEST (or find most helpful)?
Which of these do you like LEAST (or find least helpful)?
Which content-delivery method helps you MOST in terms of making real changes in your thinking, choices, and actions? (choose 1)
What topics of information do you most want to read/listen to/watch from Jess? (select all that apply)
In what way(s), if any, have you changed something about your life and/or PUT INTO PRACTICE the things that Jess shares/writes about?
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How old are you?
How long have you been married?
How many children do you have? (If you are pregnant/adopting, include that child/those children in your answer.)
What ages are your children? (select every category that applies)
About how long have you been reading/listening to Jess?
What best describes you/your interactions with Jess?
Do you read new articles at
How do you most often find out about new posts/podcasts from Jess?
How do you feel about the frequency of articles on
How do you feel about the frequency of podcasts?
In what area(s) do you feel most ill-equipped as a disciple, wife, & mom?
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Is there anything else you want Jess to know?
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