AppSecUSA 2012 Feedback & Membership Survey
We appreciate your feedback and participation in this survey, which targets OWASP AppSec USA conference attendees. It should take less than three minutes to complete. Know that your responses will be used by The Open Web Application Security Project to help improve its member services, resources, benefits and events.
APPSEC USA 2012 Conference Attendees
How many APPSEC conferences have you attended? *
How were you participating in the APPSEC USA 2012 conference? I was a: *
How does the price of OWASP conferences compare with the value that you’ve derived from them? *
How organized was the event?
How useful to your company was the information presented at the event?
Please rate the following regarding the conference talks:
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Very Good
Overall quality of the talks
Overall variety of the talks
Overall preparedness of the speakers
Please rate the following regarding the conference experience:
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Very Good
The conference venue
The quality of the food
The variety of the food
What did you like best about the conference?
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What did you like least about the conference?
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Is there anything specific we could have done to make your conference experience more enjoyable?
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General Membership
What is your current OWASP membership status: *
How did you find out about OWASP? *
How often do you utilize OWASP resources? *
Frequency of use for resources the OWASP membership gives to you.
I interact with OWASP most often by:
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How likely would you be to recommend an OWASP membership to a colleague? *
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What do you value most about your OWASP membership?
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What could OWASP do for you to enhance your membership?
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List other organizations you are a member of:
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