Brightcon 2023 - Tell us about your experience!
It is awesome you were with us for Brightcon 2022!
Please help us improve future editions by completing this questionnaire. Naturally, all your answers will be held in the strictest confidentiality.
There are 13 questions which will take you ca. 5-10 minutes to answer. Thank you!

Best wishes,
The conference organising team
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1. Why did you attend this conference?
2. How did you hear about this conference?
3. What was your favorite part of the conference (Talk, session format, etc....)?
4. Tell us about your least favorite part of the conference (Talk, session format, etc....)?
5. The content of the conference was for me in general...
(Could you follow the presentations/discussions?)
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6. I had enough time and opportunities for networking.
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7. Is there a specific insight from the conference which you will use to drive sustainability aspects forward in your work? Or a big takeaway from Brightcon?
8. Did the conference fulfil your expectations?
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9. Do you have any suggestions to us for the next Brightcon edition?
10. Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the following.
Very Satisifed
Very Dissatisfied
Content of the Conference / Topics presented
Size of the conference (#of attendees)
Formats of sessions
Process of Registration
Food and Drinks
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11. Do you want to communicate something else to us?
12. Optional information: Would you tell us something on your background?
Starting to understand
Coding/LCA world is actually fun
What is your level in Brightway2?
What is your level in Python?
What is your level in LCA?
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13. Optional: You are from...
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