Outrider Dogs Cat Foster Application
Thank you for your interest in fostering a cat for Outrider Dogs! Please fill out all information below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Be sure to fill out this application in its entirety.
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Do you own or rent? If you rent please email us a copy of your lease or a letter form your landlord stating you are allowed to have pets. *
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Please list two non-related people as references who can speak to your ability to care for a pet and the best contact number to reach them at. *
Please list all members of the household, their respective ages, and your relationship with them. *
How many hours at a time will the foster cat be left home alone? *
How long are you able to foster for? Are there currently any conflicts that might prevent you from fostering until the cat gets adopted?
Please list all animals in the household including species, breed, age, neutered/spayed. *
Are your pets up to date on all vaccinations and heartworm/flea/tick preventative? *
What supplies will you need in order to care for a foster cat? (Food, litter supplies, toys, etc) *
Are you willing to follow certain protocols as far as feeding and training guidelines according to Outrider policy? *
Is there anything else you would like us to know about you? *
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