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It gathers the interest of women who are serious about pursuing their dream of becoming a published Amazon bestselling author in a "multi-author" book writing a 3000 words chapter.

This application is for the book "Money Body Faith - How Women are Turning Sin and Shame into Joy and Impact". The book has three parts. You can write only one chapter aligned with your expertise in one of them! You need to be either a businesswomen working with women as an expert in the topic field of one of the three, or have a phenomenal story fitting to the themes to share and do not care to use the book for business growth. For "delicate stories" and to protect the authors we have two spots in each part for writers who prefer or need to stay anonymous.

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Key questions: What would it mean to you to be a published Amazon bestselling author? Why is that important? What do you hope to accomplish through that for your business and personal growth? *
At a high level, how do you relate to the title of the book "Money Body Faith" and the switch from "Sin and Shame to Joy and Impact"? *
At a high level, what story or stories/incidents from your own life would you like to share in order to convey the transformation you went through personally in the topic focus of one of the book's parts?   *
What would be 1 to 3 nuggets of wisdom or core messages from your expertise you would like the reader of our book take away from your chapter?   *
Can you write in English or do you need translation of your chapter from your mother language into English? *
Please be honest: How is your relationship to deadlines/delivery dates and producing results under pressure? *
The whole book-publishing project will cost between 3500 to 14000 US dollars depending which package you buy and if you pay upfront or in installments. Will that work for you or would you need financial support? *
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