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Application form for Australian trademark registration filing.
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If you know which class/s number/s you want your trademark application to go for, please list with comma/s between each class number.
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All Australian Trade Mark Services (except using our postal address) include a TM search and report. What word or phrase do you want us to search for?. This is very confidential and will not be shared with anyone except when filing your trade mark application with the Australian government's trade marks office. It could be a word and or graphic etc.
If you have a Australian business, what is your Australian Business Number (ABN) or Company Number (ACN)?
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If your TM is a logo incorporating word/s (ie combination TM) then you'll have less protection from people using plain text of your TM or different logo version of your TM
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A defensive Trade Mark allows the owner of a well known trade mark to register that trade mark for a range of goods and/or services EVEN IF THE OWNER DOES NOT USE OR INTEND TO USE the Trade Mark in relation to those goods and/or services.  To protect their existing Trade Mark through a defensive mark, the applicant must be able to provide evidence that the public associates their trade mark with a particular category of goods and/or services. The Trade Mark must already be registered in Australia.  To apply for a defensive mark you will need to provide the Trade Mark number: Provide the trade mark number(s) of the existing registered Trade Mark(s) and click 'RETRIEVE DETAILS'. The goods and services classes will be retrieved from the existing Trade Mark and you will be able to amend the list before submitting the application.
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Certification mark?
A certification mark is used to signify accuracy, quality, place of origin, method of manufacture or another characteristic as defined by the rules of use of the certification mark (e.g. The Heart Foundation Tick). The rules that govern the use of a certification mark must be approved by the Australian Competition Consumer Commission (ACCC).  These rules can be provided as part of the application or during the examination process. To use a certification mark, an application is made to the owner of the mark and the usage must comply with the Trade Mark rules.
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Collective mark? (used in the course of trade by members of an association or organisation)
A collective mark is used in the course of trade by the members of an association or an organisation. Users of a collective mark must be members of the specified association or organisation. A collective mark may be used to identify that members goods and/or services adhere with standards as specified by the mark. e.g. Scouts Australia  A collective trade mark can not be assigned or sold to another party.
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Do you propose any conditions or limitations to the registration of this Trade Mark?
This is where you provide any conditions or limitations to the use of your trade mark.
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If a logo is involved
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