Cosplay Contest Signup
This form allows you to signup for the Cosplay Contest in advance. There are some important rules you must know before signing up:
* You, the participant, MUST check in with the Cosplay Desk between 12pm and 6pm on Friday to verify your attendance.
* If you do not check in (ON TIME) you will be removed from the list and we will allow someone else to register instead.
* This means you won't be able to participate if you don't check in on time.
* Someone else can't check in for you. We have to verify that you have made it to the convention.
* Expect to spend a lot of time Saturday on the masquerade. We want a GOOD show!
* No exceptions.
Your Real Name(s) *
Required. Used to contact you about the contest and about prizes later. Put the name you go by in real life.
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Your Email Address *
Required. Used to contact you about the contest and about prizes later.
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Your Phone *
Required. Used to contact you about the contest and about prizes later.
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# of Entrant(s): *
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Convention *
Are you going on-stage alone, or in a group? (Check One) *
Unfortunately you must choose one, you can not appear alone to be judged separately if you appear as part of a group.
Would you like to be judged on costume Workmanship? *
In the masquerade we judge Workmanship based on how the costume appears to the audience in terms of style and overall appearance, and on the workmanship and attention to detail. Commissioned or purchased costumes are *NOT* allowed to compete for Craftsmanship awards. Please sign up for a judging time
Workmanship Division *
You may be judged in either or both categories. Selecting no to both questions above places you in the Exhibition category, and you will not be eligible for any awards. For groups, you must select the highest division that fits any member of your group.
Would you like to be judged on your Performance? *
A performance is some kind of skit or acting of your choosing. Most performances are done by groups, but individual performances are also welcome.
Costume Title *
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Intro for MC to read *
Important notes: DO NOT USE ABBREVIATIONS OF ANY KIND. Big or foreign words should be spelled like they sound in parenthesis next to the word. For example, nuclear could be written as new-clear. We recommend not more than one or two sentences.
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Costume Description *
For Workmanship Entrants Only: Tell us briefly about how your costume was made, and by whom.
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Did you buy or make your costume, and from where? *
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Do you have any audio or music to play during your act? *
If yes, your file must be in MP3 format on a thumb-drive. We will not hook up iTunes or your iPod or anything else, for anyone. We must have your file when you arrive for the setup run-through, a few hours before the contest starts. If you don't have your files then, we can not wait for you.
Do you want the lights off when you go on stage? *
How the contest works.
* Every skit will be as follows:
• MC reads your introduction.
• Lights go off, if you want, and MC exits the stage.
• You choose:
◦ [ ] Lights go on and audio plays immediately.
◦ [ ] Participants get on stage, then lights go on and audio plays.
Waiver Agreement *
I/We have read and understood the rules of the the convention Masquerade as set forth in the instruction sheet(s) andagree to abide by them. Furthermore, I/We agree to permit photography and/or video taping and to permit thedissemination of said photographs and/or tapes for all commercial purposes by the convention staff. I/We do agree to holdthe convention, its organizers, and the facility blameless for any accident or injury suffered by me/us during the course ofthis Masquerade regardless of negligence or cause on the part of those cited above
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