LintSchool: Advanced Web Python track
We've been seeing many new beginners joining the market recently and we're trying to fill the gap between your skills and what market needs, this comes through a course that we believe it would help you to advance your skills and career steps!

āš™ļø Course structure:

- Weekly online session, from your favourite work place, be it home or office, we're online!
- Weekly online hands-on session, to practice and answer all your questions.
- Weekly assignment, you're here to learn and practice.
- Weekly reading, we pick different books/articles as a reading assignment every week to solidify our knowledge.
- We're committed on delivering the best material, teaching experience, and so should you!

šŸ“š Course topics:
Check details on website:

šŸ‘ØšŸ»ā€šŸ’» Career coaching:

- We'll be helping you to land your next job, or even get promoted! that includes your cv screening and helping you with any issues you're facing during the course time in a one to one session that you'd get every 2 weeks.

šŸ¤“ Selection criteria:

This's an advanced course, we require at least 1 year of real world experience, we're here not to start from scratch, but to build great things above your solid basic knowledge.

An interview process will follow your registration to filter candidates, so get ready.

ā³ Duration:

- 2 months, 50 hours, Days to be decided.

šŸ‘ØšŸ»ā€šŸ« Mentors:

- Ahmed Taweel:
Ahmed is a software Engineer with +4 years of experience in developing many scalable and high-performance web applications and services mostly related but not limited to E-Commerce, Social Media, Recruiting Platforms, Publishing Platforms, and Fintech.

He is passionate about software architecture, clean code, automation, CI/CD and Agile. Also, he is keen on making the work easier and cleaner for development teams by adopting good architecture alongside automating all routine tasks, holding good communication channels within teams and maintain a healthy environment to focus more on productivity and reduce conflict through all the different phases of an application from start to deliver.

- Mahmoud Faridl:
I'm Software Engineer with over 4 years of experience in building and designing high-available and high-performance web applications using Python, especially in Django and Django Rest.
Also, I have experience in DevOps and automated pipelines (CI/CD) tools like Jenkins, Ansible and Docker.
Now, Iā€™m working in Flying Elephant Lab that supporting 2 products (E-Commerce) and (Fintech) so we really care about system performance, security and zero downtime.

šŸ’° Cost:
5000 EGP

* NO absent is allowed. only 1 session with valid excuse, 2 sessions and you're totally removed from course. ZERO refund.
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