Reduce Waste by Using Reusable Containers
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Dear Civic Center Employees:

The Marin County Civic Center Cafe is partnering with GO Box SF Bay ( to launch a reusable takeout food container pilot. Reusables are 200 times better than compostables and you have an opportunity to be the first in Marin to pilot this innovative program. The first 100 people to sign up will only pay $6 for the first year -- a 75% discount over the regular price. AND until Earth Day they will get a 25-cent discount every time they use GO Box at the cafe.

Please consider becoming a founding member of our team of Reuse Pioneers. Use our simple app to check out sturdy, leak-resistant, microwavable, BPA-free containers at the Civic Center Cafe. Don’t worry about washing containers, just return them to the cafe and the staff will wash them so you can use them again and again.

Your feedback will help inform the development of this exciting new initiative and reduce the use of single-use disposable containers throughout Marin!

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Questions? Contact Marji Feliz at or 916-812-2184. Thanks for your time.
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