Compacted Integrated Math Enrollment at Eastlake Middle School
Due to the pandemic, Compacted Integrated Math 7 (accelerated math) enrollment will be open access for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please review the qualifications that are essential for student success.  Once the school has began and your child is enrolled there will be an assessment of all students provided by the math department.  Completion of this Google Form will replace the math placement test that was scheduled for April 2020.
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Math sequence is:
7th grade: 2 years of math (Math 7 & Math 8) compacted/ accelerated in 1 year.
8th grade: Integrated Math Course I (first year of high school math).
Fast-paced and rigorous coursework.

How do I know my child is a good candidate for Compacted Math?
Student displays strong math and academic skills
Student displays maturity and motivation to complete math at an accelerated pace
Student scored Meets or Exceeds Standards on the fifth grade SBAC/CAASPP scores.
Student received strong math grades on 6th grade report card

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I, parent/guardian, would like to have my child enrolled in Compacted Integrated Math 7 (Integrated Math  7 & Integrated Math 8) for 7th grade.  I understand that this class is extremely fast-paced, covering two years of math in one year. *
 I want my child to be enrolled in Compacted Integrated Math (CIM7), please read and check all the boxes to indicate agreement. *
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