The John Carter Reading Project
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A Princess of Mars tells the story of John Carter, who is transported from Earth to the planet Mars, which he learns is known as Barsoom to its inhabitants which include a race of humans, as well as many other strange and compelling cultures and creatures. On Barsoom, Carter meets Tars Tarkas, a “Thark”, the leader of a clan of 15 foot high green-hued warriors, and after barely surviving initial attempts by the Tharks to kill him, becomes a captive and learns their language and culture. While with the Tharks, he meets a fellow captive–Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium–the proud Princess of the title of the book, and Carter finds himself falling in love and becoming deeply involved in the battles and intrigues on Barsoom as he fights to win Dejah Thoris and, ultimately, save his adopted planet from destruction.

The project is open to students ages 12-18. At this stage we are looking for students who will read the book "A Princess of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs and complete ONE of the following projects for submission in a CONTEST to win ***PRIZES!


1. Write an essay (5 paragraphs or more) on one of the following topics;

a. Think about the female characters Dejah Thoris and Sola, and compare and contrast them to female characters in modern day books you have read (Hunger Games, Twilight, etc.). What is different about they way they are presented? What is the same?

b. How is the culture of the Tharks (the green Martian clan that Tars Tarkas and Sola belong to) different from early human cultures (i.e. Native American, Aboriginal, or early African cultures)?

c. There is much discussion on Earth about climate change and the problems it presents. What is the cause of climate change on Barsoom — and what is the solution? What are some causes of climate change here on Earth? What solutions have been proposed and what new solutions might you propose?

2. Make a movie trailer of the book, "A Princess of Mars". See the website for current examples of trailers for the film. Use still photos or videos from any source to create your own 1-2 minute trailer. Please include music.

3. Make a comic-strip or story board of a chapter in the book, or create your own original episode that is inspired by the book.

4. Create an original piece of visual art (any medium) based on the book. The website also has many examples of "Barsoomian" art that has been created over the past 100 years.

5. Create your own new hero for today's generation. Please include his/her backstory, discovery and description of powers, arch-nemesis and write an episode of their adventures. The episode may be visual (comic book-like) or narrative.

6. Write a song inspired by the book. May be sheet music or a audio/video recording of you or someone else performing it.

7. Create your own!

To learn more about the film "John Carter" go to

To learn more details about the invitation to join the reading project, go to

When you have completed the form, go to The John Carter Files ( and click on the link "Read the Books Online Now" and start reading "A PRINCESS OF MARS" by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Hard copies are available at, Barnes and Noble and your local library.


Projects will be submitted online to
Please contact Rebecca Garland at if you have questions about how to submit your project online or if you have any questions at all.

***PRIZES: We are currently seeking donors on
However the winning projects (1st, 2nd and 3rd prize) will be featured in many literary publications, and on a new movie documentary about John Carter and Edgar Rice Burroughs created by Michael D. Sellers.
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