Sorry You Missed - Compass 2019 YLS
In order to remain in good standing with the C5 Youth Foundation for your Compass year,
it is imperative that you make up any information/materials that were covered at the
Pathway event you missed. We understand that you may have other commitments that kept
you from attending the event on Youth Leadership Summit

However, in order to maintain your commitment to C5, you must complete the
“assignment” below by October 31 2019
Name *
What are your personal and class goals for the remainder of your time in C5? (one paragraph for personal and one for class) *
Complete an extensive resume that includes both your academic as well as your extracurricular achievements. Once complete, have an adult (i.e. teacher, parent, mentor, etc.) review and make suggestions to your resume. Then submit the resume complete with a signature from the individual who reviewed it to *
What is your preferred method of decision making in a group? *
Please write a paragraph summarizing your experience with each of the methods of decision making. *
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