WomBelt Ceremony : Weaving Women Back into Matter ~ Totnes ~ 17-05-20
Dear Women weavers of WomBelt,
Here is a form to sign up for a day's ceremony of weaving your WomBelt in the company of other women

You will find details to make your bank transfer and book your place.
Once completed you will receive a link to a preparation document to prepare your womb and your wool.

When and where
Sunday 17th May 2020
9:30am to 6pm
Location in/around Totnes, Devon, England to be confirmed

from £95 to £120 depending on your resources and point of balance

Please transfer your payment as confirmation by 1st April 2020

and mention
<<<<WB0520>>> as your REFERENCE

Cooperative Bank
Acc: 14227617
Sort code: 08-93-00

For outside the UK
IBAN: GB80 CPBK 0893 0014 2276 17

Thank you ~ I look forward to weaving with you. Azul
WomBelt: Weaving Women back into Matter : www.souland.org/wombelt
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Any questions/comments to Azul?
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Make sure to add the email <<< soulandinfo@gmail.com >>> into your list so you receive the preparation document . With love . Azul
'A beautiful day of sisterhood, deeply held sharing and creation.' Previous weaver
WomBelt is part of SOULand: Making the World of our Longing www.souland.org/wombelt
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