Volunteer's Recruitment Form for Children Friendship Training
This is an online registration form to enroll in our Children's Friendship Training. In submitting this form, you agree to your details being used for the purposes of this training and our research. The information will only be accessed by me and my colleagues of this training and research.Your data will be held securely and will not be distributed to third parties. Only group data will be released for publication or conferences presentation of the research projects.

I have read and understand the explanation provided to me and I would like to enroll to become the volunteer for this training.

"Dear all, do take note of the following:
Please contact 0129118083 if you did not hear from me.
We are still in the process of finalizing DATE and VENUE.
This program is going to be conducted only DURING WEEKENDS (12 weekends)at UPM Serdang.
You may made your FINAL DECISION on the volunteering once we inform you of the DATE and VENUE of the program.
You will go through simple interview before the program starts."

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