Antique Powerland Museums - Oct. 15
Day: Monday, Oct. 15
Time: 11:15 to 1:45 (bring snacks or a packed lunch)
Location: Antique Powerland – 3995 Brooklake Rd NE in Brooks, Oregon (drive in through the gate, past the farmhouse and MEET AT the Dezotell Museum)
Ages: K-8 (we will divide into a K-3 group and a 4-8th grade group for the tours)
A parent / guardian must accompany their children (or sign a permission slip to allow another parent or guardian to accompany their children).
Siblings Allowed? Yes, younger siblings are welcome (supervised by a parent / guardian, of course)

Antique Powerland Museums – Brooks, OR (K-8) – Monday, Oct. 15 – 11:15 to 1:45
In order to supplement some of our classes about community, technology, and machines, and to complement (or inspire) home learning about community, transportation, machines, motors, community helpers (careers / workers), tools, simple machines, we have booked a visit to the Antique Powerland Museums in Brooks (just north of Salem / Keizer). During the tour, we will see historic machines, motors, tools, and vehicles and ride on the model trains. Kids should plan to have a big snack (or early lunch) before the visit, and parents can bring finger foods (granola bars, fruit, etc.) to snack on in between museum visits, but we will not be having a “lunch time” during the visit.

The K-3 group will focus on community / community helpers and the role of transportation and tools in building and changing communities. Museums for the tour for the younger group will be:

1. Start at APMA’s Dezotell Museum *This one is especially good since it focus’s on the community and the people who helped make APMA what it is today*
2. Trolley Museum
3. Fire Truck outdoor display
4. OVMM Featuring John Deere Tractors
5. End at Branch 15 – antique agricultural and industrial engines, tractors, drag saws, and related items

The 4-8th Grade Group will focus on the progress of technology & basic machines. Museums for the older group tour will be:

1. Start at APMA’s Dezotell Museum
2. Antique Implement Society – vintage engines and machinery
3. Truck Museum
4. Fire Truck outdoor display
5. End at Branch 15 – antique agricultural and industrial engines, tractors, drag saws, and related items

We will also be able to ride the miniature trains at the end of the tour!

Each DCS student who signs up will automatically have $10 withdrawn from their $300 Classes and Field Trips Allotment Fund.
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