Fidget Feet's Strategic Plan 2021
Please help us plan for the future!
What is your relationship to Fidget Feet (FF)?
Do you know our festival IADF? - What do you think we do at the festival? How could we develop the festival?
What does FF mean to you, what do you associate with FF?
What is the most important role that FF is fulfilling in your opinion?
What else is FF doing that is important to you? What makes FF unique / special, what are its strengths?
What else could FF do that is not being done?
What are the problems and weaknesses you think FF have?
What needs to be improved, how in your opinion can it be improved?
What shows, events, workshops that FF runs have you attended?
When you watch a show, or take part in a workshop or an event of FF's what do you see and what do you feel?
Do you understand the relationship between FF, Irish Aerial Creation Centre and the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in the University of Limerick?
If you attended the IADF was it a good experience, and if so what has really worked for you and why?
Is FF visible enough in social media, locally, nationally and internationally etc. or can we do more?
What would be your passion/vision for FF to achieve in these next 5 years and by 2028 when we'll celebrate our 30th anniversary?
Chantal is Ireland's Aerial Cultural Leader, in your opinion what is her role with FF and what is working and what could she do more of?
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Are you...
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For the purposes of assigning quotes, do you identify most as...
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Thanks for taking the time to fill this in! Take a break, you deserve it!
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