Piano Nobile Application
After submitting this application, ALL artworks in consideration should be emailed to the Application Coordinator at: submit@manitobaartists.com
Artists must submit as a collective with one contact person appointed (The Exhibitor) OR as a solo show.

Each work within the application is judged twice: separately, and how it will work as a complete show.

The Piano Nobile space can comfortably hold between 12 to 24 works of art. Please contact the Curator (curator@manitobaartists.com) for a wall layout and sizing sheet, if needed.

Submission Requirements:

1) Completed Application Form (this form), which contains information in the required fields:
> Main Contact Information of Exhibitor
> Bio for each Artist — Max 200 words each
> Name and Statement of Group Show
> List of Artworks — Artist’s Name, Title, Medium, Size and Price (All work must be for sale).
The form is completed and sent once you reach the end and press Submit. It will be immediately emailed to the Submission Coordinator.

2) Digital Copies of the Art:
> Digital Image of Artworks emailed to the Application Coordinator (submit@manitobaartists.com).

IMPORTANT: Each work must be submitted as a Jpeg/JPG file, Minimum size 600kb, Maximum size 2MB. Each image must use the following naming convention: “artistname_artworkname.jpg” or “artistname-artworkname.jpg” so that the jury can coordinate between images and image listing. It is crucial that this format be followed and cannot be missed.

***Images NOT named and sent in the format above will be considered incomplete and may miss the deadline if not corrected within an appropriate amount of time.***

Multiple emails may be sent to the Application Coordinator to submit all the works. Maximum size per email is 10MB.

3) Entry fee of $35 by cheque or paid online through www.manitobaartists.com

If paying by cheque, mail to:

Manitoba Society of Artists
ATTN: Piano Nobile Gallery Submission
120 Eugenie Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2H 0X7

Payable to: The Manitoba Society of Artists

***Please Note: This fee is non-refundable, and goes directly towards MSA Programming and Events***

Only until ALL THREE submission criteria is completed will the application be considered final and be forwarded to the Jury.

I have read the above guidelines. *
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