2020 National ECD Conference Feedback
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ACSI Administration.
Feedback on ACSI administration and registration.
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ACSI ECD Conference Topic and Program.
Feedback on ACSI conference topic and program.
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The following speakers presented their topics well and were relevant to the Early Childhood Development sector.
Friday - Session 1 - Jill Van Der Walt - Considering School Readiness. *
Friday - Session 1 - Catherine Marais - Considering School Readiness. *
Friday - Session 2 - Julie Hay - Innovative and creative materials for your school. *
Saturday - Session 1 - Robyn Cloete - Using outdoors as a teaching tool. *
Saturday - Session 2 - Elizabeth Rhodes - Neuronet. *
Breakaway - Sessions 3A - Wendy Beyneveldt - Teaching with Six Bricks. *
Breakaway - Sessions 3B - Shann De Smidt - Teaching with Base Boards. *
Breakaway - Sessions 3C - Pat Wolf - Teaching with Puzzles. *
Future ECD conferences.
Conference Coordination.
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