PSF 2023 Summer Camp Application
We are committed to strengthening communities and developing productive leaders for the future by empowering, educating and engaging students and families.
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Other health issues-- Please provide any medical information we should have to properly care for your child while at camp.
WAIVER-- In selecting I understand, as parent or legal guardian of subject camper, I hereby certify that my child is in good health and may participate in all activities. I grant permission for treatment deemed necessary for a condition that may result from participation in camp events or activities, including transport via medic/ambulance and/or medical or surgical treatment recommended by a medical doctor. I understand that every effort will be made to contact me prior to treatment. I also agree that I will be responsible for the cost of medical treatment. It is understood that in all matters relating to the operation of camp-sponsored activities, the school through its agents and employees stands in loco parentis to the student. *
I understand that cost of attendance for this summer camp is $100. This is a one-time fee and will cover the six weeks of the summer program. I understand that I can make payments but total cost is due by Friday, June 26, 2023. I can pay on here: *
The PSF Summer camp will run from June 26th- August 4th. The camp's hours will be from 8am-2:15pm. The camp will run from Monday- Thursday. Transportation is not provided, but parents can request support.  Parents are required to drop off and pick up their students during the designed time. I understand that every 15 minutes of tardiness will accrue a $35 late fee charge for pick-up. In addition enrichment opportunities will be available Friday - Sunday at different locations.   *
Attendance Policy: Students are expected to attend 80% of the program (Minimum of 20 days). The safety of each student is paramount to the staff of our programs. If a student will not be attending the program as scheduled, it is essential that the student’s parents send an email or text message to our site to report the student’s absence from the Program. To avoid miscommunication, please be sure to report the absence. You can communicate a child’s absence through our program directors at: 704-996-4447 or  *
Telephone Use by Students: Phones are not allowed during the program unless approved by the teacher.  The staff will be happy to convey messages to students when necessary, but it is not allowed for students to make or receive telephone calls during the program. Parents are welcome to call the program at any time to speak to the Directors about questions or concerns regarding their students. *
BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT POLICY: Students and staff of the program are asked to treat each other with respect, tolerance, kindness, and consideration. The rules and behavior expectations utilized by the program will be explained to the student clearly and reinforced in a consistent manner. Students will be given reminders and redirection in order to encourage positive behavior. A student who is unkind verbally will be asked to apologize. A student who uses supplies or equipment inappropriately will be restricted from using the supplies or equipment for a short period of time. Any activities where participants purposely exclude another student will not be allowed. Under no circumstances will a student be subjected to neglect, physical punishment, verbal abuse, or denial of restroom facilities. Parents will be notified if a student exhibits unusual emotional or physical behavior that threatens the well-being of the student or others in the program. If a student has specific behavior issues, every effort will be made to implement a behavior management program consistent with efforts being made at the student’s home and school. If a student’s behavior indicates that the Program is not able to meet his or her needs, the program directors will contact the student’s parents to arrange a meeting. A parent or staff member may also request an appointment. With the parent’s permission, school staff and other professionals providing services to the student may be asked to attend the meeting. Within ten days of the meeting, in keeping with the conclusions of the meeting, an action plan will be developed that establishes reasonable, attainable objectives for the student. A copy of the plan will be given to the staff and to the student’s parents. A log will be kept of the student’s progress. If the Program Directors feel the program cannot accommodate the student’s needs, or if the objectives established for the student are not met, the program reserves the right to terminate the student’s participation in the Program with two weeks’ notices. Any student who does not accept the physical boundaries of the Program, or exhibits behavior that threatens his or her wellbeing, or the wellbeing of others, is subject to dismissal without notice. Any inappropriate behavior by a parent, including verbal abuse of a student or staff member, or confrontations with staff members in the presence of a student, is grounds for termination of the family’s participation in the After School Program without notice. A suspension or termination decision may be appealed by contacting the President.   *
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