Rocket Club Nominations 2015-2016

Nomination Requirements:

1. Only current Rocket Club officers may nominate candidates for President and Vice President positions.

2. You may nominate only one person per position you think he/she is fit for. If you are nominating someone else, that candidate will have to fill their Statement of Intent.

3. You may nominate yourself for a position.

4. Nominations deadline is April 17, 2015 midnight.

Positions Descriptions:

The President is the executive officer and shall preside at all club activities. He/she is tasked with not only serving as a guide for the organization, but also as a leader for members. With the assistance of the Faculty Advisor, the President is expected to organize and delegate tasks for all other officers, and shall be available to assist whenever possible.

Vice President
The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence and shall perform such duties as are generally associated with the office or assigned by the President.

The Secretary shall record minutes of each meeting, maintain accurate records of all business pertaining to the organization, receive and respond to all official correspondence. The Secretary is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date list of member names and their contact information. They shall be the point of contact for all general member questions and concerns. He/she shall also work with the Public Relations officer to update the club website. He/she is also responsible for all correspondence with club members.

The Treasurer shall collect and disburse funds as directed by the organization, he/she will ensure the organization applies for funding from SJSU Associated Students, and he/she will be responsible for all monetary operations of the organization. The Treasurer is also responsible for all fundraising events that generate revenue for the organization.

Event Coordinator
The Event Coordinator shall be responsible for handling the logistics of the club events. They shall contact the necessary people, reserve locations, procure any needed supplies and equipment, and perform other related tasks to ensure that Rocket Club events progress smoothly.

Public Relations Officer
The Public Relations Officer shall be responsible for communicating Rocket Club activities to members and the general public. He/she is also responsible for maintaining the club website and social media pages up-to-date. He/she shall be the point of contact between Rocket Club and industry representatives for the purpose of club activities.

Graphic Design Officer
The Graphic Design Officer shall be responsible for creating visual concepts by hand or using computer software. He/she shall design rocket decals, prepare flyers for meetings and events, and help keep the club banner and website graphically up to date.

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