Awooz Minivan kit (IC)
evangs of Minivan fame is working on a 40% plate & PCB kit that supports two uncommon switchtypes:
- Tai-Hao/Himake Aruz ("Hash" switch):
- SMK Alps mount ("Monterey" switch):

This is a universal kit that supports both switches with the one PCB & Plate combo, both will be fully compatible with the Minivan case.
Stabilisers will be PCB mount Cherry.
As both switch types take Alps mount keycaps, Evan plans to run DSA Lightcycle sometime early March. This should coincide with this buy nicely.

This will be a small run, so a combined price of around US$70 should be achievable provided we can get at least 20 orders.

If you are interested, please fill out this form to give us a rough idea of how many orders to expect, and which options people are after.

Screenshot of the PCB (WIP)
Screenshot of the Plate (WIP)
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