Oregon Legislators,

We, the farmers, ranchers, vintners, farm workers, forest workers, and other agricultural stakeholders of Oregon, support the Clean Energy Jobs Campaign. We urge your leadership in passing legislation that will limit climate pollution, provide a path for our rural communities to transition to cleaner energy and greater energy efficiency, and help our communities prepare for the impacts of a changing climate.

Our rural communities are observing dramatic changes in the climate, which we must address or lose our livelihoods. When climate change exposes our crops to extreme and unpredictable temperatures, our yields and economic security are threatened. Severe storms, droughts and floods lead to decreases in crop yields, soil erosion, infrastructure damage and disease/insect infestation. Many regions of Oregon are already experiencing these changes and last year the majority of Oregon’s rural counties were in extreme drought, threatening our crops, livestock, and water supply.

Rural communities and resources are threatened by climate change and are critical to effectively responding to the challenges presented by climate change. We urge our elective representatives in Salem to proactively address the issue at hand in a way that that supports rural communities.

The Clean Energy Jobs bill is a step in the right direction to ensure that Oregon limits climate pollution and plans ahead to address climate threats. The Clean Energy Jobs bill will also guarantee that there are necessary resources available to support rural communities and businesses in transitioning to clean and efficient energy.

We support the Clean Energy Jobs bill and ask our leaders in Salem to do the same.

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