Church Survey for Guidance & Renewal Team
The Guidance and Renewal Team (Dan Doman, Kellie Laraba, Arnie Vaughn, King Minter, Sam Miller, Audrey Stanton-Smith, Chip Williams) and Sharon Kniss (consultant with Cooperative by Design) invite your thoughtful and prayerful reflection on the following questions.

All responses will be received confidentially – your name will not be connected to any comments made public. You may provide your name and contact information for The Guidance and Renewal Team or Sharon Kniss to follow up with you, if there is something unclear or we would like to hear more about what you shared. However, your comments will still remain confidential.

Your responses will be helpful in shaping our recommendations.

*NOTE* These are the same questions which have been discussed in the focus groups/small group conversations. Therefore, if you have attended a focus group/small group conversation, you do not need to fill out this form (but you're welcome to, if you'd like to add more feedback).
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1. What do you identify as strengths of the church? For example, things that you find meaningful; programs, relationships?
2. How do you feel about the financial situation of the church?
3. What has been your experience and perception of the two services (pre-pandemic), and their relation to each other?
4. In what ways has the communication in the church been beneficial and helpful now or in the past? In what ways has the communication in the church been unhelpful now or in the past?
5. How would you describe the relationships at the church?
Warm, Caring, Supportive, Welcoming
Distant, Critical, Intolerant, Cliquish
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Comments (#5)
6. When conflict or disagreements arise, how are they handled in the church?
Done in a caring way, with direct and open dialogue, seeking solutions which everyone involved can support
Done in a way which is hard on people, with behind the back criticism and gossip, ending up with win-lose solutions
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Comments (#6)
7. Pastoral Ministry - both present and past
Has been consistently caring, personal, supportive and appropriately challenging
Has been inconsistent, impersonal, over-forceful or insufficiently challenging
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Comments (#7)
8. Care for Pastors - present and past
We consistently provide care and support for pastors, help them to grow into all we want them to be, offer regular evaluations, and handle ministerial transitions in a clear and fair way
We are inconsistent in the way we provide care and support, evaluations when they happen are blaming and negative, and we handle ministerial transitions in an unclear and unfair way
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Comments (#8)
9. Is there anything you might identify that you feel may be a threat to the health of the church?
Anything else you would like to share with the Guidance & Renewal Team?
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