Camp MaRabu Mesivta Registration
Registration Guidelines:

1. Complete this Online Registration Form for Camp MaRabu Mesivta.

2. Have an interview with one of the Camp Rabbeim. This will be arranged via email after the Online Registration is completed.

3. After being accepted to camp, make payment arrangements. The cost of camp is $4000 (excluding flight costs) with an early bird discount of $150 for those who register before January 15th. A deposit of $850 (or $1000 after January 1st) is required to reserve a spot. Three subsequent payments of $1000 will be due by 3/1, 4/1, and 5/1. All payments are non-refundable.

All Payments must be made on our website. Payments can be made either by e-check or credit card. Please note there will be a 3% transaction fee for credit card payments.

COVID Guarantee: Please be assured that if Camp is not able to open due to the COVID virus, all payments other than a $200 retainer fee will be returned by June 15.

4. Your son's medical form and copy of insurance card as well as a photo of  your son is emailed to

All forms can be found on our website: or

Registration will be complete AFTER application (including waiver), full payment and medical form have been submitted.

Looking forward to a fantastic summer full of learning, fun and inspiration.

Camp MaRabu Mesivta
Dates: Monday June 27 - Thursday July 14

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The camper and his parents (or guardians) agree to abide by the rules and regulations set by the Camp for the health, safety and welfare of the campers. The camp will not be held responsible for articles of clothing or personal belongings lost or damaged by fire, theft, laundry, etc. or shipped by any transportation company. Understanding that the camp will make every effort to protect the health and safety of every camper, it will not be held responsible for the injury or health impairment of any camper. I/We give Camp MaRabu LLC the legal authority to consent to medical treatment for the camper listed above, including the administration of the over-the-counter medication while at Camp MaRabu Mesivta.  In case of a medical emergency, when a parent can not be reached or time is of the essence, I hereby authorize Camp MaRabu LLC and its senior staff member or their representative to act as my agent, with respect to said minor and to seek proper medical attention and make medical decisions on behalf of my son.  I shall indemnify and hold harmless the Camp Staff, and Camp MaRabu LLC, against any claims that may arise relating to medical decisions made by the camp staff on behalf of my son. *
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The camper and his parents (or guardians) agree to abide by the rules and regulations set by Camp MaRabu Mesivta for the health, safety and welfare of the campers. I-Pads, Tablets, I-Pods with video compatibility, DSI, PSPs, or any video games will not be allowed in camp. I hereby acknowledge that if a camper brings any of these items to camp and it is confiscated, it may not be returned. Smartphones, I-phones, Blackberrys or any cellphones that have internet capability will not be allowed. If such cell phones are taken away they will not be returned. I understand that any camper, who acts in a way that the Camp staff decides is not befitting, can be dismissed from camp without reimbursement. Non-Jewish music, videos or reading material that is not appropriate for a Ben Torah will not be brought to camp. *
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There is a zero tolerance policy for any form of smoking, vaping, alcoholic beverages, or drugs. I understand that any camper who violates this policy will be dismissed from camp without reimbursement and be sent home at the camper's expense. *
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By signing this application, I agree that my child may participate in any activity organized by Camp, and I assume the inherent risk of all activities and camp programs. I will hold Camp MaRabu LLC and/or its representatives and staff harmless in the events of injury or property damage or loss as a result of such activities. * *
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Camper will abide by all rules of the national parks and all other sites being visited. *
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Camper will be held financially responsible for any damage caused to the bus, lodgings, or any public property. *
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