Ozarks Fresh CSA Signup
CSA Pickup is by appointment.
If you are getting a side or a whole of any of our meats, you will be responsible for picking up your meat directly at the butcher shop. (Lamb can either be picked up at the butcher shop or at our farm per your request.)

Pickup Address: 7 Springs Farm in Mansfield, MO 65704 near the Wilder home, or...
Hook's Butchery is located at 725 S. Eagle Ave, Norwood, MO 65717

Contact us at info@ozarksfresh.com or 417-812-5258
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CSA Share Options. Please check all that you would like to sign up for. All CSA shares are available on a seasonal basis. It will differ per food option. An upfront deposit is required for meat shares. Check out our website if you have questions on availability, and send us an e-mail if you have any additional questions. *
BEEF, PORK & LAMB SHARE: If you are signing up for beef, pork , or lamb, would you like more than one share? If yes, please tell us how much you would like below.
EGGS SHARE: If you are signing up for eggs, how many dozen per week would you like? We will notify you if we cannot accommodate your quantity. Eggs will not be available until the spring. Payment will not be due until your first pickup. This is a waiting list for how many eggs you would like once the hens are laying again!
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PRODUCE SHARE: A produce CSA option is not currently available. We will sometimes have seasonal produce from our farm available for purchase at your pickup. If we were able to start a produce CSA option, would you be interested? *
I understand that for produce, I am signing up for a seasonal membership, paid in advance. I understand that for eggs, I am signing up for a three month membership, paid in advance monthly. I understand that for meats, I am signing up for a share in a whole animal, and the total weight will vary every time. The meats require a deposit paid in advance, with the balance due at or before the time of pickup. Visit our payment page for more detailed information. *
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