Troop 173 - November Big Trip 2021
Last June, the Patrol Leaders’ Council had voiced a preference for a trip to Washington D.C. during teacher’s convention break November 4-7. This is our traditional time for a “Big Trip” that includes locations steeped in American history and fun activities. Given the continuing concerns regarding Covid-19 exposure, health, and potential limitations/closures of attractions, we seek your sincere feedback for planning purposes.

The Big Trip typically involves renting 15 seat passenger vans and driving a significant distance. We secure cabins at a nearby Boy Scout camp or other reasonable lodging location. Trips typically cost $200 per participant to cover transportation, lodging, food and activity reservations.
Would you likely send your Scout on a Big Trip to the Washington D.C. area November 4-7, this year? *
Would you be able to participate as a chaperone or driver? YES/NO *
The Patrol Leaders’ Council proposed an alternate campout at Gettysburg as a replacement for Washington D.C. November 5-6-7 Would you likely send your Scout on a Gettysburg campout? *
Would you be able to drive to Gettysburg and camp with us? *
Would you prefer we substitute a local campout this year? NJ/NY/PA *
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