Yearbook Survey 2019-2020
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We would like your yearbook to be meaningful and FUN so please answer thoughtfully!
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What activity do you do before or after school that is NOT part of a Kahler activity? (like swimming, bowling, BMX, dance, tumbling, gaming - list your game, none, etc.) *
What's usually the first thought in your head when you wake up in the morning? *
What is your favorite social media site? *
What vision do you have for your future? It can be a long way away OR a week away! *
Do you have a sibling that attends Kahler? What is their name and what grade level are they? (please list all if there is more than one) *
What does "envisioning success for all" mean to you? *
What is something weird or funny or scary that has happened to you? *
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