Wrap + Deliver General Manager
Wrap + Deliver (Wrap and Deliver) is an online gift wrapping service that works with any online retailer. Online gift wrapping is usually bad – the quality and presentation are lackluster and rarely do the gift justice. Folks looking for great presentation have no good option – we're making this easier by receiving the gift directly from where they purchased it online and sending it to the destination. We work with a range of small and local producers of wrapping paper to provide amazing gift giving experiences for people all over the country.

This position is a great opportunity for creatives looking to learn how to build a scrappy online business from the start with someone who has experience in rapidly growing companies and professional high-trust management. You'll have a meaningful and independent role with a potential for large impact on the business.

Please note we're launching this service in September. Applicants will get a chance to preview the product, brand, and marketing to learn more about it.


- Select and procure wrapping paper and make connections with local papermakers for co-marketing
- Wrap and ship gifts
- Photograph wrapped gift and paper in studio
- Interact with customers over email
- Help develop operational workflow for sending and receiving packages

Time & Money:

- This is a part time role. The expectation is to work from the wrapping facility 6-8 hours a day twice a week, weekends are fine. Any tasks that aren't location dependent can be performed remotely. Times are flexible.
- Rate starting at $19/hour.

It'd be great if:

- You love gift giving
- Seeking out high quality wrapping paper (and buying it in bulk from hard working artists) sounds like a fun part of the job
- You enjoy photography (no experience required)
- You have experience with crafts, paper, or digital art


- Our office (where we wrap gifts) is located in the West Valley, near Canoga Park (orange line metro, near the 101).

Wrap and Deliver, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. Wrap and Deliver, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or any other characteristic protected by applicable state or federal civil rights law

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