Waukesha School District - Pay to Ride Application for 2019-20 SY
The Pay to Ride program is available for those students who live outside of their school attendance boundary or for students who live within the two-mile radius of their neighborhood school. The student must be picked up and dropped off at an existing stop location and must have seating room available on the bus. Stops will not be added for pay to ride applicants. Please keep in mind this is on a first come, first serve basis. Ridership is not guaranteed and is only available as long as there is a vacancy on the assigned bus. Ridership can be revoked if the bus exceeds capacity with entitled riders or if payment for the service becomes delinquent. If that happens a prorated ridership fee will be refunded. If a student loses ridership privileges due to misconduct there will be no refund of the fee.

FEES: First child is $130.00 per semester and each additional sibling is $65.00 per semester if they go to the same school. For the full school year, $260.00 for the first child and each additional sibling is $130.00 going to the same school. If siblings are going to different schools each must pay $130.00 per child per semester. For one way the fee is $65.00 per child. One way additional sibling for the same school is $65.00.
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Note: If you plan to mail/bring in payment to our office, please attach printed copy of the application. Payable to: School District of Waukesha, 222 Maple Ave, Waukesha WI 53186
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