Multi-Token Rewards Program
HeliSwap’s Multi-Token Rewards Program is a campaign that allows users to receive their rewards in multiple tokens (e.g. $HBAR and $OM) in exchange for staking their LP tokens.

This form is for projects interested in incentivizing users to provide liquidity and stake their native assets (e.g. $OM) in exchange for providing their tokens as part of the yield farming rewards. Through this campaign, the projects will also be able to introduce their products to HeliSwap’s rapidly-growing community.

If you are one of the projects interested in what HeliSwap has to offer, make sure to fill in the form below with as much information as possible. Once completed, our team will promptly be in touch.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to working with you. Welcome to HeliSwap!
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Project Name *
Token Symbol (Example: $HELI)
Which Liquidity Pool(s) would you like to incentivise? (Example: HELI/ HBAR) *
How many USD worth of tokens do you want to supply?
(If you mentioned several pools in the question above, please be specific for each pool)
How long do you want your rewards to be distributed for?
(Minimum: 2 Weeks)
Would you be interested in joint marketing for the rewards program?
(If so, please suggest some ideas here)
Contact Info:
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