SMART MOBILITY OFFICE Public/Private Partnership Expression of Interest Form
The City of Austin strives to create a complete community where every Austinite has choices at every stage of life that allow us to experience and contribute to all of the following strategic outcomes:

- Economic Opportunity and Affordability: Having economic opportunities and resources that enable us to thrive in our community

- Mobility: Getting us where we want to go, when we want to get there, safely and cost-effectively

- Safety: Being safe in our home, at work and in our community

- Health and Environment: Enjoying a sustainable environment and a healthy life, physically and mentally

- Cultural and Lifelong Learning: Being enriched by Austin’s unique civic, cultural, ethnic and learning opportunities

- Government that Works for All: Believing that city government works effectively and collaboratively for all of us — that it is equitable, ethical and innovative

An important step towards realizing these goals is to foster a proving ground for emerging technologies. The City seeks to actively engage the energy and expertise of rising or established companies and, in turn, provide an opportunity for real-world tests of the efficacy of their vanguard products or services.

To start the process please take a moment to fill out this brief questionnaire. We look forward to talking with you.
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