Chinese Class
1. If you sign in Chinese class, you must come in the first class; if not, you will not be able to attend the following courses. Besides, you also agree to obey the rules when taking Chinese classes. Otherwise, the class teacher has the right to stop your class.
2. 所有課程均為同一程度, 除了周二下午的進階課程以外。
2. All the classes are in the same level, except advance Chinese class.
3. 第一堂進階課程將進行能力測試, 不同過者將須選擇其他課程。
3. In first advance class, we will test you how you understand Chinese. If you did not pass the test, you need to choose other C-E class.

華語A班:9/25起每週一、二、三 8:10-9:00 (取消)
華語B班:9/25起每週一9:10-11:00、每週三9:10-10:00 (取消)
華語C班:9/26起每週二 9:10~12:00
華語進階班:9/26起每週四 13:30~16:20

Chinese Class A :9/25 Start Every Monday、Tuesday、Wednesday 8:10am-9:00am (canceled)
Chinese Class B:9/25 Start Every Monday 9:10am-11:00am、Wednesday 9:10am-10:00am (canceled)
Chinese Class C:Star from 9/26 Every Tuesday 9:10am-12:00am
Chinese Class D:Star from 9/28 Every Thursday 9:10am-12:00am
Chinese Class E:Star from 9/28 Every Tuesday 13:30pm~16:20pm
Advance Chinese Class: Star from 9/26 Every Thursday 13:30pm~16:20pm

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