Database Matching Activity
For each statement, choose the online source that it best describes: Databases, e-Books, Internet, Databases and e-Books, Databases and Internet, or All. Remember to reread the "What are Databases and e-Books" lesson can assist you.
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Tower of Books by Mar.Tin
1. Needs a computer to access the information.
2. Information cannot be found on a web search site, like Google.
3. Available anywhere, anytime.
4. No advertising.
5. Has advertising.
6. Must have an Internet connection to use.
7. Editors have oversight to assure the of the information.
8. Quality of the information is questionable because there is no oversight.
9. High quality information.
10. You must purchase each title individually.
11. Requires a subscription fee to use.
12. Must have a browser (a program such as Chrome, Explorer and Firefox) to use.
13. Information originally appeared in print format.
14. Provides information from a huge number of sources.
15. Must be in a school, library or have a SSO (password) to use.
16. Information provided appears only on the Web.
17. Information is updated on a regular basis.
18. The information cannot be updated.
19. Little or no review by editors for accuracy.
20. Doesn't cost anything to use.
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