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About Aya, Incorporated -
A non­profit organization of professional women, Aya Inc. seeks to prepare young women of color in order that they might "lean in" to their professional endeavors. Through mentorship, entrepreneurship and leadership, women of Aya Inc. are empowered to soar. Specifically, Aya will include a series of workshops for undergraduates at Howard University and high school girls who live in Southeast, Washington D.C. These workshops include:

• Keys to Creating a Career - Jan. 12
• Building Networks, Building Power - Feb. 9
• Leading Across Lines - Mar. 2
• Caring for the Queen In Me - Mar. 23
• Entrepreneurship: How to Build Your Empire - Apr. 13
• Having a Seat at the Table - Apr. 27

A major component of the program will be mentoring. College students will be paired with young professionals and high school students will be paired with those college students. Additionally, over the course of the program, all of the young women will have the opportunity to network and build relationships and to learn from older professionals. The program includes field trips, activities, and workshop presentations in various areas of professional, leadership, and entrepreneurial development. Learn more about Aya, Inc. on our website:

We welcome you to apply to join Aya, Incorporated as a mentee in the Spring 2019 semester to the young professionals that have been selected and also to serve as a mentor in the Fall 2019 semester to high school students in Southeast, D.C.

Candidates should have a commitment to community service and a strong desire to impact the professional lives of young minority women in the Washington, D.C. area.

As a mentor and mentee, you are required to:
● attend at least five of the six workshops in the spring semester of 2019
● become accountability partners with mentees by updating one another on the progress of achieving goals
● assist your mentee with achieving academic goals.

Please complete the application below. If you are selected to move forward with the application process, you will be required to interview between October 11th and 13th. You will also be required to attend the mandatory orientation on November 3rd. Please mark your calendars accordingly.

Applications are due on October 5th, 2018. You may submit through the google form or by emailing it to along with your application fee of $7 to the following link:

If you have any questions, please contact Autumn McNeill (
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In completing this application, I understand that Aya, Incorporated routinely performs criminal and driving record checks of all volunteers for the position of mentor, in which I am applying. I certify to the best of my ability that the information provided on this application is true and accurate. I also understand that misinformation knowingly provided here and on subsequent mentor application forms is grounds for dismissal. *
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