Fair'n'Square PCARS 2 Dedicated Server
Server mission:
Provide 24/7 fun, fair, competitive racing experience for everyone! (Except rammers, we don't like them anyway).

* The server will run 24/7 with scheduled nightly or bi-nightly resets (10 mins downtime).
* Available to everyone based on competitive license rank - no passwords.
* The server settings, track rotation, car class will be determined based on the following opinion poll.
* Rammers will be punished - provide strict evidence (video/replay, etc.) - and the culprit will be blacklisted.
Opinion poll
Would you use such a server on a regular basis? *
Choose your Top 6 favorite tracks.
Descending order.
1st: *
2nd: *
3rd: *
4th: *
5th: *
6th: *
Choose your Top 3 favorite car classes.
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3rd: *
Grid and Race settings.
Grid Size?
Minimum rank? *
Minimum strength?
Qualification length?
Race length - minutes or laps? *
Race length in minutes?
Race length in laps?
Mandatory pit-stop? *
Time progression? Up for some night racing? *
Damage, penalties and other settings.
Damage type? *
Ghosted cars? *
Penalties? *
Fuel Usage?
Tyre wear?
Weather? *
Server name suggestions:
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Other suggestions:
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