School Dance Flower Order Form
Please complete 1 order for each corsage or boutonniere that needs ordered.
Enter your FULL NAME: *
Input the FULL NAME you would like to use when picking up the order.
If you have a PROMO code, or SCHOOL GROUP DISCOUNT, please enter it here.
NOTE: Entering your PROMO or SCHOOL GROUP will allow us to track all rebates given back to your group.
Full name of person you’re taking, or is taking you, to the dance: *
Input the name of your date to match with your order (if they are also ordering a flower from us). Type NONE if you don't want us to match your order with anyone.
What is your PHONE NUMBER: *
Give us a GOOD phone number (with area code) to contact you if we have any questions.
Enter a PICK-UP Date & Time: *
Pick-ups can ONLY be during the hours: Friday (9am-6pm) or Saturday (9am-2pm)
What TYPE of flower order would you like: *
*Tier 2 Pricing - Orders received less than 2 DAYS BEFORE THE DANCE will be charged an added service fee. Tier 3 Pricing - Orders received ON THE DAY OF THE DANCE will be charged an added service fee.
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What color is the girl's DRESS that you want your flower to match: *
The corsage & boutonniere are supposed to match the color of THE GIRL'S DRESS! Boys,if you are going stag and ordering a boutonniere for yourself, then tell us the color of your tie/jacket.
What are the ACCENT COLORS of the DRESS you want to match: *
If there are no accent colors, select NONE.
Other ACCENT features on the DRESS: *
If there are no other accents, select NONE.
What color of RIBBON would you like: *
This is the ribbon that will accent your flower. Excluded on Corsage Ring.
Available Bracelets
What type of BAND/BRACELET would you like for your corsage: *
Please note any adjusted prices.
What color ROSE would you like: *
Note: "Special Order" flowers (Orchid, Alstroemeria, Daisy) MUST be ordered 1-WEEK PRIOR TO PICK-UP!! NO EXCEPTIONS!
If this is for a boutonniere, how would you like it attached to your shirt: *
Please note any adjusted prices.
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