School Dance Flower Order Form
Please complete 1 order for each corsage or boutonniere that needs ordered.
FULL NAME (your STUDENTS name) on the order: *
Input the FULL NAME you would like to use when picking up the order.
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If you have a PROMO code, or SCHOOL GROUP DISCOUNT, please enter it here.
NOTE: Entering your PROMO or SCHOOL GROUP will allow us to track all rebates given back to your group.
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Full name of your dance DATE: *
Input the name of your date to match with your order (if they are also ordering a flower from us). Type NONE if you don't want us to match your order with anyone.
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What is your PHONE NUMBER: *
Give us a GOOD phone number (with area code) to contact you if we have any questions.
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Enter a PICK-UP Date & Time: *
Pick-ups can ONLY be during the hours: Friday (9am-6pm) or Saturday (9am-2pm)
What TYPE of flower order would you like: *
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What color is the girl's DRESS that you want your flower to match: *
The corsage & boutonniere are supposed to match the color of THE GIRL'S DRESS! Boys,if you are going stag and ordering a boutonniere for yourself, then tell us the color of your tie/jacket.
What are the ACCENT COLORS of the DRESS you want to match: *
If there are no accent colors, select NONE.
Other ACCENT features on the DRESS: *
If there are no other accents, select NONE.
What color of RIBBON would you like: *
This is the ribbon that will accent your flower. Excluded on Corsage Ring.
Available Bracelets
What type of BAND/BRACELET would you like for your corsage: *
Please note any adjusted prices.
What color ROSE would you like: *
Note: "Special Order" flowers (Orchid, Alstroemeria, Daisy) MUST be ordered 1-WEEK PRIOR TO PICK-UP!! NO EXCEPTIONS!
If this is for a boutonniere, how would you like it attached to your shirt: *
Please note any adjusted prices.
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