Finding Anne Bradstreet Video Game Feedback
Thank you for joining our quest! We hope to revise and fine-tune the narrative and technological features of the game over the course of the Fall semester. We invite feedback that speaks to all aspects of the game.

This version integrates peer reviewed academic research and primary source documents related to the life and literature of Anne Bradstreet. Our goal is to share this research with a broad audience--and to make it engaging and immediate. In doing so, we hope to paint a portrait of colonial America as it was--a community steeped in religious fervor, fear, poetry, fellowship, racism, and violence. This description might seem full of contradictions, it is the world in which Bradstreet's poetry emerged. We hope to do justice to Bradstreet and her context in this game.
Who are you? We'd love to know your name, location, and level of experience with seventeenth-century history/literature if you'd like to share.
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