Student Audition Questionnaire
Any student auditioning for Flagline should complete this questionnaire before the audition deadline.
Email address *
Name *
Grade for 20-21 School Year *
Are you already involved in any band, choir, or orchestra at the high school? *
Are you involved in any other activities? (Both extracurricular activities at the high school, and outside organizations such as church groups, dance studios, etc) If so, please list them here. *
Why are you interested in joining Flagline? What does Flagline mean to you? *
Why do you think you are an excellent candidate for the Flagline? *
Flagline requires multiple weekly commitments. Do you see any potential conflicts with your currently planned schedule? *
Please describe a specific past experience where you displayed strong teamwork, and how? (Can be from a job, club, team project at school, etc.) *
I have read the posted information about Flagline on the band website, and understand the time and expenses involved. By submitting this form, I would like to commit myself to this activity. *
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